The Project

The project aims to improve the employment and income situation, and the revenue base of start-ups, for disadvantaged young Black women and men. The project is implemented by Casa Foundation for International Development and its 11 partners. The project’s main location is Ontario, Canada and project activities will take place in the GTHA, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal. The project offers in-person and virtual training to support development of youths, women, start-ups, and the integration and socio-professional inclusion of Black people, particularly of African diaspora
The project is premised on four pillars and aims to achieve the following:

Project Target

The project will reach about 15,000 (including virtual candidates) young Black women and men beneficiaries. BAH is targeting the creation of 175 new enterprises during its 1st phase. The new Enterprises from BAH will create over 800 jobs over its Initial implementation phase.

The project will incorporate a strong Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) mechanism to achieve the project’s objectives, with the monitoring component kickstarted at the project’s inception. Key M&E baseline indicators are identified in the workplan, and the M&E framework will be rolled out to track the results of project activities and their related impacts. The M&E information will provide the evidence required to show that the strategy fulfills what it was designated to do.

Target Groups / Direct Beneficiaries

Services are for EVERYONE who Self-identifies as Black

Black Youths

Young people who are unemployed or in a situation of underemployment, with or without vocational training, including young people in transition between education and working life.


Youths for 800 Jobs Target, Trained Youths ready for Investments, and ready to create businesses.

Black Adults

Ages 19-39. College and University Students who will have access to different supports including the Black Entrepreneurs Youth Initiative (BEYI) and College University Black Entrepreneur Incubator – (CUBEi)


Train students on all vocations to gain skills to access better jobs.
800 jobs target.

Black Women

Through Casa Foundation’s RiseUpPitch and Women Inspire and other targeted programs for women to get started in Business and support their leadership in communities. Special attention will be given to women with disabilities and from marginalized groups.


Creating more jobs for Black women, and women run businesses.

Black Men

Seminars for Men in established businesses to facilitate their mentorship of other young and aspiring start-ups will be provided.


Creating more jobs for busineses run by Black men.